Welcome to the online press centre of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. To facilitate media organisations and journalists to report on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), in cooperation with Host Broadcaster PBS, offers a variety of online services.


Accreditation for Junior Eurovision 2014 is now open. Please visit the Accreditation section for more details. The deadline for accreditation applications has now passed.

Press Centre

This year's press centre will be located next to the Malta Shipbuilding in Mara. For details on how to reach the venue, click: here. It will be fully equipped with all necessary supplies, including limited amount of computers as well as free Wireless Internet (WiFi). Please visit the Press Centre section for more details on facilities and opening times.

Rehearsal Schedule

The latest rehearsal schedule (correct on 27/10/2014) can be downloaded by clicking: here.

Promotional Contacts

A list of Promotional Contacts for this year's entries can be found: here.

Press Photos

EBU will offer royalty free photo's of most activities and rehearsals. They are available shortly after the events in the press section.

For any special request please contact either Kath or Luke for further information.

Press Policy

All forms of press contact must be handled by the participating broadcasters in such way that child artists are not out of their depth or placed in situations in which they cannot cope. The Head of Delegation shall be the sole point of contact vis-à-vis the press.'

This means press members will contact the Heads of delegation in case of demands for interviews and photo shoots.

Press rules

At the premises of the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest we ask you to follow these rules:

  • Members of the press can only enter the arena to the dedicated area to follow individual rehearsals of the participating artists
  • Press members can only enter the arena during the first Dress Rehearsal
  • Entering the any other Dress Rehearsals is only allowed with valid tickets
  • Press members without a valid ticket cannot enter the arena and are required to follow the show at the press centre
  • Press members, photographers and camera teams can enter the arena by showing their press-card to the security, but must remain in the designated area due to production purposes
  • It's prohibited to film or broadcast the whole show in any way without written permission from the EBU

In case of breaking the rules the EBU is entitled to take away the accreditation without giving a reason.