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The Water of Life Project


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Rita Dakota

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Rita Dakota

About The Water of Life Project

The Water of Life Project was created specifically for the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The song, Water of Life, was written by lead vocalist Sofia Fisenko in collaboration with Rita Dakota.

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The Russian entry in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Water of Life, describes what is happening in the souls of teenagers as they get older. It is a metaphorical comparison of a child's voice, filled with light and pure love to the world. The Water of Life Project also embodies Russian traditions and ethnic motifs.

Sofia Fisenko was born in the city of Novomoskovsk in the Tula region of Russia. From the early childhood she practiced choreography although she prefers singing to dancing. When Sofia was six she started studying music and last year she graduated with her first professional diploma. When she was 11 years old, she decided to learn to play the flute, something that she continues today. In 2013 took part in the Russian national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Best Friends where she finish third.

Since 2015 Sofia has been a student at the Popular Music Academy of Igor Krutoy. She participates in all the events and concerts, takes classes from the academy teachers. Sofia's dream is to become successful in her future career. She wants to become the leader of a large charitable foundation, help children or become a professional journalist. In August 2016 Sofia won the national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and will represent Russia in Malta this year.

Alongside lead vocalist Sofia, Sasha Abrameytseva and sisters Christina and Madonna Abramova also form the Water of Life Project.

Sasha is 13 years old and has already taken part in many international competitions and her original songs regularly broadcast on Russian television. It has long been a dream of Sasha's to participate in Junior Eurovision.

Madonna and Christina are siblings, Madonna is 11 and Christina is 13 years old. The girls have been studying music since they were 5. Their parents were the first to recognise their vocal talent and they supported and inspired them in their pursuit to study the art of singing.

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