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Fiamma Boccia


Cara Mamma - Dear Mom lyrics | lyrics in English

Music by

Marco Iardella, Francesco Spadoni and Alessandro Ghironi

Lyrics by

Marco Iardella, Francesco Spadoni and Fiamma Boccia

About Fiamma Boccia

Fiamma Boccia will represent Italy in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Cara Mamma (Dear Mom).

Photo of Fiamma Boccia

Fiamma lives in Florence with her parents and 14-year-old sister Emilia who is also a singer. Her favourite subjects at school include Italian, History, Music, English, German and Science. She has been playing the piano since she was four and started singing at the same age. First she performed as a “voce Bianca” in the Opera Festival of Florence. Now she is part of the children’s polyphonic choir, il Piccolo Coro Melograno di Firenze. Fiamma also sang as solo at the 56° Zecchino d’oro (Ninnaneve).

Fiamma also enjoys dancing (ballet, disco dance, modern Jazz) and acting. She would like to broaden her experience in musicals, after having taken part in the “Musical Weekend” school for one year.

Fiamma has two cats called Mimì and Musetta. In her spare time she likes reading. Her favourite books at the moment are: Novecento by Alessandro Baricco, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and is also a great fan of Harry Potter. Fiamma also enjoys listening to music and being with her friends and is looking forward to flying the flag for Italy in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta this year!

About the composers

Marco Iardella is a composer, arranger and music producer. After he graduated from his musical studies in Composition and Conducting, he began performing concerts and teaching music. In the following years his passion for the world of songs and music production led him to work almost exclusively as an arranger and composer of music. He founded his own publishing company, 7th Wave Publishing and has collaborated with many Italian artists including Gianni Morandi, Franco Fasano, Antonio Maggio and Bianca Atzei. Some of his songs have been performed by Riccardo Fogli, Povia, Aleandro Baldi, Silvia Mezzanotte and others.

Marco has collaborated with major producers such as Diego Calvetti, Paolo Boffo and for dance music, with Roberto Zanetti DWA. A significant part of his productions are intended for the world of children. He wrote several songs for the worldwide known Lo Zecchino D'oro, winning with the songs Per un amico, Bravissimissima and Due nonni innamorati, the last two written in collaboration with Maria Francesca Polli.

Francesco Spadoni was born in Carrara, Italy and at 17 he started playing guitar in various local groups. Later he felt the need to write his own songs and began in working on his first arrangements and musical experimentations. In 2012 he became author, composer and arranger for the Folliamara Project with his friend Alessandro Ghironi, produced by the Meligrana Publisher.

Alessandro Ghironi is an author and composer. He has signed some songs with Francesco Gabbani, Marco Iardella, Luca Pernici, Luca Viviani and many others. Alessandro has worked as an arranger with Michael Baker and collaborated as author and composer with many music labels including 7thWave/Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music, Fonola DISCS, Pirames International, Meligrana Publisher, Top Records, Vitamins Factory, AP Beat Music Publishing and SBM Studio.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016
Sunday, November 20, 2016
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