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Lidia Ganeva


Magical Day (Вълшебен ден) lyrics | lyrics in English | phonetic

Music by

Vladimir "Grafa" Ampov

Lyrics by

Vladimir 'Grafa' Ampov and Iliya Grigorov

About Lidia Ganeva

Lidia Ganeva was born on 2nd February 2006 and will represent Bulgaria in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Magical Day (Вълшебен ден).

Photo of Lidia Ganeva

Lidia was born in Plodiv, the second-largest city in Bulgaria. She attended the Armenian school in her hometown and has been involved in music from a very early age; her parents are musicians with Bulgaria's famous folk ensemble, Trakiya. Lidia often accompanied her parents during their stage performances and they said that Lidia could sing before she could speak, often repeating phrases from children's songs that her mother sang to her.

Lidia participated in her first musical competition when she was four years old, the youngest participant to win a prize. At six she joined the "Art Voice Centre" music school. With Rumi Ivanova as her singing teacher, Lidia won a total of 22 first, 4 second and 2 third prizes in national and international festivals.

In June Lidia won Bulgaria’s national selection for Junior Eurovision 2016 in Malta, receiving the highest score in the competition from viewers and the jury. Magical Day" (Вълшебен ден) was written by Vladimir "Grafa" Ampov, one of the most popular Bulgarian pop singers. The song is about the power of childhood dreams that can make the world a better and brighter place to live.

Lidia is a fan of both Junior Eurovision and the Eurovision Song Contest. She says that representing Bulgaria is a dream come true. Her favourite artists include Adele, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera. She lists Bulgarian artists Lili Ivanova, Pasha Hristova and Margarita Hranova as having the greatest artistic influence on her. Lidia has a pet rabbit called, Zai Zai, who is also her mascot. Her favourite subjects at school are literature, English and of course, music!

About the composer

Vladimir "Grafa" Ampov is an artist, performer, producer and composer and is one of the most successful and popular Bulgarian pop singers today. He began his career at the age of 10. He has released 12 albums, the most recent, Moments, was released earlier in this year. He has won more than 40 awards including prizes for "Best Performer", "Best Composer", "Best Album", "Best Song" and "Best Lyric". Vladimir has had 10 singles broadcast by MTV Europe and has composed songs for some of the most successful Bulgarian performers including Michaela Fileva, Maria Ilieva, Lyubo Kirov, Divna VenZy, Preya, and Rushi Videnliev.

Vladimir has also composed music for theatre productions and been a musical producer for various TV shows including The X-Factor and Bulgaria's Got Talent. He is the managing partner and musical producer of one of the most successful music labels in Bulgaria, Monte Music.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016
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