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The Virus


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Music by

Giga Kukhianidze

Lyrics by

Erekle Deisadze

About The Virus

Meet the kids from Georgia’s ‘The Virus’!

Photo of The Virus

Elen turns eleven just before arriving in Bulgaria and has been singing since she was three years old. Now in sixth grade at the Newton Free School, she enjoys swimming, hip hop, dancing and performing at charity events, nursing homes and orphanages. Her dream is to run her own charity foundation someday.

Eleven year old Tako is also in the sixth grade at ‘Saduni’ school. When she was six she won a modelling contest and was a ‘princess’ for the year. Since then, she’s focussed her time on singing, dancing, drawing, swimming and playing fooball.

The ‘oldest’ one in the group, Lizi, is twelve and in seventh grade. When not studying at school, she’s at the ‘Bzikebistudio’ music school, which helped her win first place at the ‘Trikole’ music festival in Italy. Lizi enjoys singing, painting, football and skiing and hopes to become a singer and a model when she’s older.

Data enjoys swimming and playing football in his free time but the hobby he loves the most is singing. A student at the international ‘new school,’ he is eleven years old and spends his free time taking singing lessons at the same ‘Bzikebistudio’ performing school as his bandmate Lizi.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Saturday, November 21, 2015
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