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Million Lights lyrics | lyrics in English

Music by

S. van der Laan/H. Tomas / J. Griffioen

Lyrics by

S. van der Laan/H. Tomas/J. Griffioen

About Shalisa

15-year-old Shalisa will represent The Netherlands with her song "Million Lights” at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Bulgaria.

Photo of Shalisa

Shalisa comes from a tiny old village in the northern part of the Netherlands, where she lives together with her mother, stepfather and two goldfish. She developed her passion for music when she was just a little girl and it has played a big role in her every day life ever since. Aside from playing music and singing, she loves to attend concerts and go water-skiing. On weekends she likes to hang out with friends or go to parties and dance all night! On Sundays she prefers to stay at home and relax.

After taking singing and piano lessons, she decided to participate in Dutch talent show The Voice Kids, where she successfully made it through the auditions and into the battles. Her next challenge was auditioning for Junior Songfestival in 2014, where she made it to the final auditions. In 2015 she auditioned again and this time she blew everyone away with her power ballad "Million Lights". The jurys and the public gave her final performance the maximum 12 points.

Shalisa’s song "Million Lights" tells the story of two people that are in love, but who can’t be together because they live too far away from each other. The only way they can connect is by looking at the stars in the sky: there are a million lights in the sky that can be seen from everywhere in the world.

The jury praised Shalisa for her sensitivity in her performance, which is exactly what she wanted to achieve: to touch everyone with her song and lyrics. In the Netherlands, she has already touched everyone - now it’s time to win over the hearts of the rest of Europe. She wishes to become just as good as Katy Perry and Beyoncé in the future, but for now she has got her mind set on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She hopes to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, just as Dutch singer Ralf Mackenbach did in 2009.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Saturday, November 21, 2015
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