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The Peppermints


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Luca Medri - Chris Lapolla

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Luca Medri - Chris Lapolla - Antonello Carozza - The Peppermints

About The Peppermints

The Republic state broadcaster, San Marino RTV established a partnership with ‘Vocine Nuove di Castrocaro’ (Castrocaro New Little Voices) in order to select their representatives for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Photo of The Peppermints

The Peppermints resulted from an idea developed by Antonello Carozza, who just one year ago mentored and produced the sammarinese debut of Michele Perniola at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. Carozza will again take care of the artistic direction of the second sammarinese JESC adventure, this time accompanied by maestro Luca Medri.

The five Peppermints are very young, but already have experience in performing live on stage:

Raffy, (Raffaella Perniola, 14, star sign Pisces) is from Palagiano. Her older brother Michele represented San Marino in the JESC 2013 but this year it is her turn.

Greta (Greta Doveri, 14, Taurus) is from Cascine di Buti. She is the youngest but also the most experienced member of the band: she took part in the talent show ‘Io canto’ on Canale 5 and won the latest Sanremo Junior National Final.

Anita (Anita Simoncini, 15, Aries) is from Montegiardino. Besides singing, she also has a passion for ballet and contemporary dance.

Arianna (Arianna Ulivi, 15, Libra) is from Galeata and has been singing on stage for as long as she can remember. She loves to travel and discover other cultures and has already had opportunities to perform in front of an international audience.

Sara (Sara Dall’Olio, 15, Aquarius) is from Cervia and began singing in public in 2012, to try it out. Only two years later, she started collecting prizes in several festivals and song contests such as Tirrenia’s Vela d'Argento and the Solarolo Festival.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Saturday, November 15, 2014
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