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Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim


Planet of the Children lyrics | lyrics in English | phonetic

Music by

Slavi Trifonov, Krisia Tododrova, Evgueny Dimitrov

Lyrics by

Krisia Todorova, Ivailo Valchev

About Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim

Three young artists will represent Bulgaria on stage this year - singer Krisia Marinova Todorova with perform the song, whilst brothers Hasan and Ibrahim Ignatov will play piano for her.

Photo of Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim

Born on 1 June 2004 in Varna, Krisia Marinova Todorova now lives in the town of Razgrad – and has become a very famous young Bulgarian singer. She started studying music when she was six years old in different music schools in Bulgaria, and is currently studying music at the "Centre for work with Children" in Razgrad with vocal teacher Svilena Decheva, where she sings and plays the piano.

Krisia has received sevenawards from different national and international music competitions held in Bulgaria, but 20014 was her major breakthrough year. She gained national popularity with her participation in "Slavi's Show" on bTV, and later became part of TV show - „Запознай се с малките“ (Meet the Kids).

In June of 2014 Krisia was chosen to sing the National Anthem of Bulgaria and one of the most popular Bulgarian songs „Моя страна, моя България“ (My Country, My Homeland) at the National Stadium in Sofia, live in front of 40 000 people, for the opening of the UEFA Europa League quarter final match between Bulgarian side Ludogorets and Valencia.

In her spare time, Krisia loves to draw and to dance - especially classical ballet. Her favorite subject at school is Maths, but her dream is to become a singer or an actress. Her favourite singers are Lara Fabian, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce.

Brothers Hasan and Ibrahim Ignatov were born on December 15th 2003 in Shumen, Bulgaria, to a family of musicians. At the age of five they both received their first musical guidance from their father, Denis Ignatov, and began studying piano professionally in September 2011 with vocal teacher Marinela Marinova. They are both interested in classical music, and the works of famous European and international composers, and dream of becoming world renowned pianists and conductors - and to bring their home town to the attention of Bulgarian and international music lovers.

Hasan has also received over 20 awards from different competitions for pianists in Bulgaria, Turkey and Macedonia! Ibrahim has 19 awards to his name from several domestic and overseas competitions!

In the autumn of 2014, they had a concert together in Vienna, with the support of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute “Haus Wittgenstein”- and also participated in Concert of the Laureates. Whilst in Austria, Hasan and Ibrahim completed the master piano class of Prof. Maria Prince.

Like Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim also gained popularity throughout Bulgaria through their participation in “Slavi’s Show”on bTV.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Saturday, November 15, 2014
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