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Lizi Japaridze - (Lizi Pop)


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Music by

Giorgi Kukhianidze

Lyrics by

Giorgi Kukhianidze

About Lizi Japaridze - (Lizi Pop)

Georgia will have five people on stage in Malta - find out more about them all!

Photo of Lizi Japaridze - (Lizi  Pop)

Japaridze Lizi - Lizi Pop - Lead Vocal

Appearing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has been my dream since I attended it for the first time last year in Ukraine. I was so impressed and now, exactly one year later I am involved in the biggest singing competition in Europe.

As for me, I’m ten years old and study at the Georgian-American school. I really enjoy school and can speak English, Russian and French. Apart from school, I also love sport and hold a green belt holder in Karate. Since 2011 I actively practised more on my vocal studies and participated in musical film, ‘Carrot story,’ as the main character: a rabbit! Apart from rabbits I love lots of animals and have five dogs, six hens, two turtles and lots of fish.

Kate Arbolishvili - Dancer

I’m twelve years old, in the six grade, and never dreamed that I would be in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. For several years I’ve enjoyed gymnastics and participated in an international tournament in Turkey. I’ve won ten awards so far, including five gold, three silver and two bronze medals. I also love dancing and singing too.

Nita LomiZe - Dancer

I’ve done gymnastics for the past two years and won a number of prizes at international competitions and also go to a dance academy. I was seven years old when I first stood on the big stage and played Gretel in ‘The Sound of Music,’ and knew that it was what I wanted to do. This has led to film work too. As for now, I feel a great responsibility to make sure that Lizi Pop and my friends have fun but also do our best to represent Georgia in Malta this year.

Sophie Dashniani – Dancer

In 2012 I attended JESC in Amsterdam for the first time when my sister was a member of the group ‘Fun Kids,’ and from that time it became my dream to become a participant and share the big stage. Like Lizi Pop, I was also in the musical film ‘Carrot Story.’ I love sports and have won many tournaments in trampolining.

Dea Dashniani - Dancer

I’m another ‘Carrot Story’ movie cast member and now find myself appearing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I really enjoy learning national dance and rhythmic gymnastics at the Olympic Training Centre and, for something completely different, I also love math and have attained several certificates and diplomas.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Saturday, November 15, 2014
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