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Around lyrics | lyrics in English

Music by

J. van Bergen / R. Dorn / J. Griffioen

Lyrics by

J. van Bergen / R. Dorn / J. Griffioen

About Julia

15-year old Julia will represent The Netherlands with her song ‘Around’ at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Malta.

Photo of Julia

Julia comes from a beautiful little village located in the Dutch polders called Zeewolde, where she lives together with her parents. She is a teenage girl who loves dancing, singing, laughing, chatting, and sleeping late. Alongside dancing and singing, she loves having sleepovers with her friends, and is also very active on social media to keep in touch with her friends and fans.

One night, Julia sat alone in her bedroom behind her piano, thinking about that cute boy from her school. He was nice to her, but he never approached her. This made her very uncertain, while she thought he was interested in her , but at the same time he never took initiative which made her very insecure. Suddenly, the inspiration for a song came up. Julia started playing the piano, and translated her feelings into song lyrics. She called the song ‘Around’ and, with no stage or any serious performing experience at all, she decided to sign up for the Junior Song Contest in The Netherlands.

After being selected for the National finals, the summer of 2014 was filled with preparations and workshops for the live shows. Together with producers ‘the Rocketeers’ she completed her song and recorded it in the studio. With her talented dancers, and choreographer Cora Ringelberg from the Lucia Marthas Institute of Performance, Julia worked on her stage performance. At the same time, Robin van Veen from Babette Labeij Music Academy helped her to improve her vocal skills during her very first singing lessons. Finally, in September, Julia was ready for the live shows and in both the semi-final and finals she left all the other contestants behind with maximum scores from all jury members and the public. A new star has been born, and Julia hopes to develop her new discovered talent. She promises us that this is just the start!

Now she is ready to make new friends with the other participants in Malta and wishes everyone much fun watching the show, and of course she hopes that she can make her country proud!

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Saturday, November 15, 2014
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