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Sofia Tarasova


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Music by

Sofia Tarasova, Michael Nekrasov

Lyrics by

Sofia Tarasova, Yevgeny Matyushenko

About Sofia Tarasova

Sofia appreciates being her country’s choice and will do her best to justify the hopes of her fans.

Photo of Sofia Tarasova

Twelve year old Sofia was admitted at the age of two-and-a-half to the gifted children class at the Glier Music Academy, where she developed a sense of absolute pitch. At four years old she entered the preparatory division of the Academy of Arts, where she passed the exam successfully and was admitted to all the departments of her choice (choreographic, musical and artistic), since she is not only good at singing and dancing, but also at painting.

At six she entered show-theatre ‘Chunga Changa,’ taking acting classes and performing leading roles in musicals. The role of Gerda in ‘Snow Queen’ musical is her favourite. Four years later she joined the ‘Paradiz’ producer centre, and has continued honing her singing, acting and hip-hop skills. In addition, Sofia takes piano lessons and shoots films.

In August this year Sofia became the winner of the sixth international competition of young popular music performers ‘New Wave Junior,’ joining a long list of awards she has won in her young career including victory at the Eurovision Music Academy in 2012 and the TV show ‘The Voice of Ukraine Junior’ in 2013.

Sofia believes that her main goal is to be an artist, no matter where or when. “I believe I'm on the right path and doing exactly what I need to in order to become an artist. No matter where I live or travel, I will be an artist. This is definitely my life path.”

Sofia is not only a creative person but also very athletic one – she loves skiing, ice-skating and rollerblading.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013
Saturday, November 30, 2013
121 02

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