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Music by

Jeroen Swinnen/Stefaan Fernande/Fabian Feyaerts

Lyrics by

Jeroen Swinnen/Stefaan Fernande/Fabian Feyaerts

About Fabian

Fabian is a real poster boy: he has a charming, rather shy smile. But this 14-year-old guy from Arendonk, a village near Antwerp, does not have to rely on his looks: he also plays guitar and piano; he is a real rocker. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of bands like Green Day and Simple Plan. Rock music is his passion and playing football his hobby.

When he is on stage, all eyes are on Fabian. But when he is at home, he has to share the attention with four other children: one little sister and three brothers. As a true Belgian, whenever Fabian gets to choose, he eats fries - preferably fried in his own mum and dad’s fries shop.

In the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Fabian will be singing his song Abracadabra to win the heart of one girl. Becoming a magician has never really been his dream, but he wishes he could conjure up absolutely everything for that one girl: from golden roses to a trip to Jupiter. Just this once, he really wants to believe in magic.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012
Saturday, December 1, 2012
072 05

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