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Kristina Kochegarova (Kristall)

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Kristina Kochegarova (Kristall)

About Kristall

Kristina Kocheharova is a young singer and presenter of the music channel in Ukraine. She has been confidently longing for success since her childhood, when at the age of 4,5 acted in a television program. At that moment she decided to become a singer and present people with joy.

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She acted in a lot of television and promotional projects, interviews with stars of Ukrainian show-business, etc. However, her main achievement, which she takes pride of, is in the sphere of music. Kristina is a laureate of vocal contests.

In 2009 Kristina was awarded the title of Teen Miss Beauty Star 2009. She was invited to take part in a TV programme and after that she became a presenter of her own section!

2010 was marked for Kristall by several great events. She released and presented her first solo album under the title Riznokoliorovyi Svit! She and her mother wrote all texts of the songs, by the way.

However, the highest achievement of the young singer is a victory at the national selection of the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Kristina's stage pseudonym is Kristall (the stress falls on the first syllable, English Chrystal), what means "chrystal", "pure", "strong" and "bright" and includes the girl's name.

Kristina persistently works and dreams to become a famous singer, to study many different languages, to learn playing different musical instruments.

Kristall is sure that dreams always come true, since her motto is the following: "Be faithful to your dream and it will return your feelings!"

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011
Saturday, December 3, 2011
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