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Music by

Peter Gillis, Vincent Goeminne, Femke Verschueren

Lyrics by

Peter Gillis, Vincent Goeminne, Femke Verschueren

About Femke

Femke Verschueren is a small but spirited girl of 11. She lives in Morkhoven, a pleasant little community in the Belgian province of Antwerp, with her parents and her sisters Anke and Ymke.

Photo of Femke

Who's Femke?

Femke's eye-catching long hair and her mischievous chuckle make her instantly recognisable. Her passion is music. At home, everything revolves around it. She spends a lot of time at her piano.

And when she is not playing, one of her sisters can usually be found in her place. Together they rehearse catchy numbers, which they later perform. Because that is something all three sisters have in common: they love performing at local events. Femke is still young, but she is already a dyed-in-the-wool entertainer: when it comes to music and performing, Femke is always ready and willing.

For her Junior Eurovision Song Contest entry One More Kiss (Een Kusje Meer), Femke took her inspiration from the retro-style fun of her favourite song Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle. One More Kiss is about that unforgettable first kiss. Femke is too young to speak from experience, but her older sisters sometimes chat about those kisses, and Femke does have her secret dreams... But so far, only her dog has stolen her heart.

Who helped her?

The young and happy spirit of Femke inspired music producers Peter Gillis and Vincent Goeminne to write and compose Een Kusje Meer (One More Kiss).

Peter Gillis is like a dinosaur within the Belgian music industry. He achieved his first musical successes in the early 90s and became, as of then, a renowned music producer for many of Belgiums finest artists.

In 1999 he teamed up with Miguel Wiels and Alain Vande Putte and became one of the main forces behind the staggering success of the girlband K3. K3, now a part of the entertainment company Studio 100, has sold an estimated 4,5 million records in the Benelux and was also cloned in Germany (Wir 3) and South-Africa (X4).

Peter Gillis is somewhat the king of Belgian kidspop and has a noted history in the Junior Eurovision Contest. He composed several of the Belgian entries, and moreover, produced the winning song of the last three Belgian preliminarys!

- In 2006: Thor - Een Tocht Door Het Donker
- In 2009: Laura - Zo Verliefd (yodelo)
- In 2010: Jill & Lauren - Get Up
- In 2011: Femke - Een Kusje Meer

Vincent Goeminne also has a long history of hit records. He was one of the driving forces behind the success story of The Dinky Toys, a multi-platinum-selling Belgian popband in the early 90s.

Later he became a well-known musician in several other music projects. In the meantime he wrote and composed for other Belgian artists and this year he teamed up with Peter to give Femke their exclusive hit-treatment.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011
Saturday, December 3, 2011
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