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Music by

Arvydas Martinėnas-Vudis & Nojus Bartaška - Bartas

Lyrics by

Nojus Bartaška - Bartas & Rūta Lukoševičiūtė

About Bartas

Nojus Bartaska (or Bart, as is his pseudonym) was born on the 26th of June in 1996 to a very musical family. His father, Saulius Bartaska is a singer and a host for 10 years, known as Captain Flint. His mother Ruta Zaikauskaite-Bartaskiene is a singer performing in Kaunas Musical Theatre.

Photo of Bartas

Nojus started to sing at the age of 4. His first song, which was recorded with his father, was Daddy's Fairy Tale. When Nojus was 6 years old, he joined the band Caca and participated in a children's song festival for the first time.

During the school years, Nojus started to attend Sabonis school of basketball. This sport became Nojus's passion and a huge hobby.Although, he didn't neglect music either.

He was offered the roles in musicals of The Kaunas Musical Theatre Sound of Music, Dwarf Nose and Marica. While improving his vocals, in 2007, was offered the main part in the musical The Little Prince at The Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The same year, he participated successfully in Slovianskij Bazar song contest in Vitebsk, Belarus, winning the special jury prize.

In spring 2008, Nojus won the first price in international contest Song of Europe in Vilnius. In the next two years, he was successfully performing with the band Kvinta, whch participated in TV-shows Talentu Ringas (Ring Of Talents).

Their highest achievement as a band was in the Lithuanian national selection for the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest where they finished second.

The co-composer of the song, Arvydas Martinėnas (Vudis) is a Lithuanian pop music singer and music producer, who became famous in 2005 in a music reality show Kelias I Zvaigzdes (The Way To The Stars).

Vudis studied clarinet class at J.Gruodis music school and music technologies at KTU university in Kaunas. He plays clarinet, piano, guitar, drums, sings since he was 16 years.

As an artist and producer, he's written hundreds of songs to different singers, many of them became hits in Lithuania.

Ruta Lukoseviciute, who co-wrote the lyrics for the song, is a creative and friendly girl while studying at secondary school was attending almost all theatre activities and acted in a children theatre.

Although, in 1993-1996 she was studying in Lithuanian-American business college tourism and administration and got the job in one of the biggest travel agencies in Kaunas, she started to search the ways of self–realisation. After working hours she went to the rehearsals, where she was singing in at that time very popular pop group Soniclove.

In 1998, she started working at a TV-station. Since that time, a decade has passed, she's become a well-known TV journalist.

But she never stopped singing and start writing lyrics not only for herself, but for many other singers in Lithuania. She attended the Lithuanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 5 times, reaching the 5th place in 2001.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010
Saturday, November 20, 2010
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