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Victoria Petryk


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About Victoria Petryk

Victoria Petryk was born on 21 May 1997 in Odessa. Since then she has been living in the Nerubaiske Village, Odessa Region. You might have seen this little singer participating in the National Selection for 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest where she ended up the second with Nazar Slyusarchuk being the first.
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When Vika was just 7 years old she managed to take the first place at the Chernomorski Igry Music Festival. The young little star Vika attends her vocal training classes in Odessa Jacob Hordienko House of Arts. She has also sung in Multyashki and Baby-Vocal children’s show-groups. Victoria has been going to piano classes in a junior musical school since 2005.

Notwithstanding Vika’s young age, she managed to win a huge amount of awards and titles until now. In 2002 she was awarded the Second Rank Diploma at the International Venok Chornomorya Art Festival in Odessa, and the Regional Nashe Maybutnye Children’s and Youth Art Festival conferred its Third Rank Diploma on Vika.

In 2003 Victoria became the first and the third award laureate of the International Sovremennyy Vsglyad Music Festival again in Odessa and the Regional Talanty Tvoyi, Ukraina Contest Festival respectively.

In 2004 Victoria was awarded first prize of the All-Ukrainian Chernomorskie Igry Charity Children’s Festival in Skadovsk, the first prize of the International Zvezdochka Young Talents’ Festival in Odessa as well as the Grand Prix of the International Zoryat Mosty Children’s Festival in Eupatoria. Next year Victoria became the laureate of the Suzirya Odesy Festival.

In 2006 she was honored with the first prize of both the Ukrainian Moloda Halychyna Young Performers’ of the Contemporary Song Festival in Novoyarovsk and the Khrustalnyy Zhavoronok Children’s and Youth’s Song Art Contest Festival (Ternopil).

In 2007 she was awarded a diploma of the Vasilkovaya StranaSlavyanskii Basar Contest in Vitebsk, Belarus. She participated in the Final of National Selection for 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, won the Young Talent award at the International Moskva-Yalta Transit Contest.

In 2008 she won the Krok Do Zirok Contest, participated in the "Culture, Sports and Business Stars Help the Children of Ukraine” Charity Concert, won at the International Moloda Halychyna 2008 Contest. Besides, she took part at numerous Presidential concerts and won the first prize at the Talanty Tvoyi, Ukraino 2007 Festival.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008
Saturday, November 22, 2008
135 02

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