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About Bzikebi

Georgian due Giorgi and Mariam are united under the name of Bzikebi and will represent their country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Photo of Bzikebi

Giorgi is 10 years old and he is in the fifth grade. His favorite activity is to play the piano. He also enjoys playing computer games, swimming and watching TV and comedies with his 7-year-old brother.

He has became known from famous musical festival for kids Ana-Bana. From 1300 participants he took the second position. He has a lot of friends and all of them are members of his Fun Club.

Mariam is 10 years old. At the age of 5 she started singing and has had great success in it. Mariam likes school very much, as she has a lot of friends there. Her favorite subject is Georgian literature.

The other Mariam is also 10 years old. She likes to watch cartoons and her beloved hero is Cinderella. Her dream is to sing together with the famous Georgian singer Sopo Khalvashi and to become one of the famous singers in the world.

After the Junior Eurovision Song Contest national selection everybody started calling her “bziki”, after the name of their group Bzikebi (wasps).

Mariam and Giorgi became friends during the musical festival Ana-Bana but this is their first common song.

Her favorite singer is Whitney Houston. In her opinion she is lucky as she has been awarded with many prizes.

Two Mariams and one Georgi are flying to Cyprus, wait for them and you may also bzzzzz together with them.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008
Saturday, November 22, 2008
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