Check: Results of Junior draw!

Check: Results of Junior draw!
A scheme of the result of the Running Order Draw.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands -

The Steering Group of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the Heads of Delegations of the participating countries of the forthcoming 2012 edition are gathered here in Amsterdam where the draw for the running order is just taking place!

The hosts of the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Kim-Lian van der Meij and Ewout Genemans, are the ones in charge of conducting the draw for the order of appearance in which the contestants will participate on the 1st of December.

First it was draw for the starting position of the host country, The Netherlands. and they got number 12, which means Femke will be the last to appear on stage to perform Tik Tak Tik.

Next we get to know where the honour of opening the competition falls to... And it falls to Belarus, Egor Zheshko will open the show!

Before the rest of the positions are drawn, we'll also get to know the second last country performing, and that is Moldova! Denis Midone got number 11 in the running order.

Later, during the visit to the HMH Arena, the final running order was announced. Check it out below!

  1. Belarus
  2. Sweden
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Belgium
  5. Russia
  6. Israel
  7. Albania
  8. Armenia
  9. Ukraine
  10. Georgia
  11. Moldova
  12. The Netherlands

This is the order the songs will be performed on the 1st of December in Amsterdam at the 10th Junior Eurovision Song Contest.